Releasing a new build of Larper64 today with some following stuff that I could remember:

  • New platform native UI.

  • Apple Silicon M1 native port.

  • Fixed sound.

  • Save states support.

  • Improved memory PAK initialization. Thanks to bryc.

  • Interframe blending support.

  • Rumble PAK support.

  • Confgurable joypad/gamepad/keyboard support.

During last year, I switched from Windows to Linux fulltime. Today, I booted to Windows to build a Larper64 release after quite some time and noticed that Larper64 performance on Windows was dogshit for some reason. I have no idea why this has happened and didn’t have time to investigate it further. Its mostly the same code for all three platforms so its kind of a bummer and I will conveniently blame Windows for now. Anyways, I’m still putting up the binary for Windows.