So, unfortunately, someone posted about Larper64 on Reddit and thereafter I got lots of PMs on discord and I’ve read some other posts which are spreading some wrong information regarding the emulator. I want to clear some of the misconceptions here.

  • Larper64 is a clone/”reskin” of CEN64!!?

    No. Larper64 is not a clone/copy/reskin or whatever of any existing emulator. It is completelty new and from scratch. Angrylion’s RDP was used as a source of documentation of sort for some of the stuff.

  • Larper64 is malware/miner!!? The executable is obfuscated?!!

    Don’t use it then and fuck off. Executable is packed with UPX and thats all.

  • How does it work? How is it so fast? Whats it programmed in?

    Larper64 is single core/threaded (which should put to rest the miner theories). Its programmed in C and some ASM (for RSP and RDP). It is using interpreters for both main CPU and RSP. I used interpreters because I believe that interpreter would be good enough for todays hardware. Apparently, someone is getting almost fullspeed on many games on a 10 year old Pentium as well.

  • Who are you? What is your goal?

    I’m no one. And the goal is stated in the included readme file. I want a fast and compatible (with commercial library) LLE N64 emulator.

  • Where is the source? What is the github link?

    Its closed source for now and I’m not on github. Someone has even posted someone’s else github telling people that its me (lmao). I’d be interested in how he/she/[insert pronoun] arrived at that.

I didn’t want to write this post but after answering same questions a bunch of times I’m feeling annoyed. I don’t want to deal with some retarded users who have no idea how emulators work. Maybe I’ll leave discord as well but there have been some really nice and good people there as well. Tough decision.